What to Expect

When you arrive at either location, you can expect to be welcomed into the gathered activities.

10:00 we begin with an adult study – centered on a selected book or topic.

11:00 we begin unprogrammed, silent worship (see below for details).

The Sterling Worship Group will also sing 3 or 4 hymns/songs prior to silent worship.

QUAKER Worship

“Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation.” (Rumi)

❖ Worship is based on silent waiting, where we expect to come into the presence of God.

❖ In this living silence, we listen for the still, small voice that comes from God through the Inward Light.

❖ Worshiping together in silence is a way for a community to be brought together in love and faithfulness under God’s presence.

❖ During silent worship, anyone may feel inspired by the Spirit to give vocal ministry (speak out of the silence).

❖ After the person speaks, there is a silence to allow contemplation of the message. While the message might be inspirational, it is not intended to begin a dialogue.

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