Quakers for Peace and Justice Webinar Series

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Where does plastic come from, and what happens to it after we toss it in the recycling bin? What’s the fuss about “microplastics” in the soil and water – and in *us?* Should we consider making different choices now, or not? And if so, what can we even do about all the plastic everywhere? 

August 12 Webinar

“Plastics, the Environment and Us”

Danica Buchanan-Wollaston Pittsburghers Against Single-Use Plastics

Danica is a founding member of Pittsburghers Against Single-Use Plastic (PASUP), and serves on the steering committee.  PASUP’s mission is to create greater awareness of the dangers of single-use plastic, support the efforts of individuals and groups acting against single-use plastic, and advocate for cleaner and greener solutions to plastic-dependence.  Danica has been involved in activism and social justice her entire life, and became involved with grassroots environmental campaigns in earnest in 2012. She has worked in direct outreach, lobbying, public comment and letter-writing campaigns, and conservation education with Clean Water Action and the Pittsburgh Z oo and PPG Aquarium.  She has worked with Pittsburgh Friends Meeting’s Earthcare Working Group for several years. This working group is the originator of PASUP, to which Danica is currently dedicating most of her activism, although she is also involved in planning a march in the fall of 2021 to draw attention to the Falcon Pipeline and Shell Cracker Plant.

Register at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85844684327?pwd=VUR6WSttb1RYWmJiZERpeHlOeUlsZz09

North Branch Meeting is offering a series of webinars. Each will focus on a different issue that is of current concern based on Quaker beliefs in Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Equalitiy, and Sustainability.

The “Supporting our Transgender Neighbors” webinar was free of charge.

Recording of this Webinar: https://youtu.be/R6acN-YJRmQ

What we were be talking about:

Description: Join us for a fascinating, educational discussion about issues of social justice affecting transgender people.
Would you like to improve your foundational knowledge and skills to be better able to welcome and support our transgender friends, family, and neighbors?
Would you like to know more about the legal and cultural landscape transgender people navigate every day – and what could be done to improve it?

Our Guest Panel

Spencer Bergstedt is a consultant, public speaker, educator, and author specializing in LGBTQ workplace, health care, and educational inclusion issues. Spencer has been advocating for LGBTQ people for over 30 years. His work on transgender legal issues has garnered him an international reputation for both scholarly theory and practical application. Spencer’s work has impacted birth certificate and driver’s license policies, youth participation in after-school activities, and self-help legal information for trans people throughout the US. His lived experience as a transman combined with his legal expertise and executive leadership roles bring a unique breadth of understanding to his clients. Spencer is an engaging presenter who fosters greater understanding on the topic of gender diversity in an open and supportive manner.

Lyndsey Sickler (Lynz) is 44 years old, non binary, and uses They/Them pronouns. They identify as queer, poly, kinky, body and sex positive and have over 20 years experience with advocacy, community and resource support work for TLGBQIA+ youth and young adults, 25 and under.

Alexandra St James
Grace and Face, Class and Sass the Force of Nature that is Alexandra St. James will leave you breathless. This Activist, Actress, Artist will leave all spellbound as she challenges your views on various topics. Alexandra has been a fixture in the LGBTQ+ community for more than 20 years. She has been active in fundraising for various charitable causes and uses her time to educate and entertain the masses.

Racial Justice and Superheroes

Jul 22, 2021, 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Allan Austin, PhD

History of Race and the American Superhero, which explores evolving American conversations about race through superhero comic books, cartoons, and film.

Allan Austin, Ph.D., is a professor of history at Misericordia University. His publications include work on film, television, and superhero popular culture in American history. He has just published, with Dr. Patrick Hamilton, All New, All Different?: A History of Race and the American Superhero, which explores evolving American conversations about race through superhero comic books, cartoons, and film. He has also published books on Japanese American, Asian American, and Quaker history.

He joined the North Branch Friends Meeting in 2001.

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